Dr. Tanja Brunner

Salary Partner, Munich

Specialization Dr. Tanja Brunner advises national and international clients predominantly in the public Construction-, Planning- as well as Environmental Law. Apart from advising investors in the execution of planning processes (Urban land use planning and Building permit process), she also advises municipalities in construction land procurement. In addition, Dr. Tanja Brunner has been working in the Environmental Law, particularly with respect to the implementation of projects in the fields of Renewable Energies.
Areas of focus Real Estate Commercial Law, project related legal advice in the Real Estate and Construction Law, public Construction- and Planning Law, Environmental Law, Administrative Law
Subject areas Construction- and Real Estate Commercial Law, public Construction- and Planning Law, Emission control legislation, Water Act, Soil Conservation Legislation, Environmental Law, Public Commercial Law
Sectors/ Industries Dr. Tanja Brunner works primarily for the following Sectors/ Industries: Real Estate, Construction, Project developer, Banks, Insurances, Financial service provider
Teaching activity Dr. Tanja Brunner has been teaching business management since 2012 at the Biberach University (Construction and Real Estate).
Memberships German Society for Reals Estate Research (gif), Munich Bar Association
Foreign languages English
Background Dr. Tanja Brunner took the First State Examination in Law in 2005 in Würzburg. During her studies itself, she concentrated on the public Commercial- and Environmental Law. After the First State Examination in Law, she also graduated in the field of Environmental Law and was working whilst writing her doctoral thesis as a research assistant at the department of Public Law, Environmental Law and administrative sciences at the Würzburg University and with an international law firm in Cologne. She appeared for her second State Examination in Law in December 2009. Since the beginning of 2010 until mid-2015, Dr. Brunner was a lawyer with an international commercial law firm in Munich (Field Real Estate- and Environmental Law). Dr. Brunner has been working with Grothmann│Klemm │Kullack │Fuchs Rechtsanwälte at the Munich location since mid-2015.