Prof. Dr. Torsten Grothmann

Partner, Munich

Specialization Prof. Dr. Torsten Grothmann provides legal advice to enterprises in, inter alia, the development, planning and management of real estate projects, on the purchase and sale, on public tenders as well as on the letting and marketing of real estate and construction projects of all size. These include industrial estates, office and administrative buildings, residential buildings, hotels and other special real estate. Prof. Dr. Grothmann is distinguished through numerous publications and appearances as a speaker at seminars.
Areas of focus Real estate industry law, project related legal advice in real estate- and construction law, commercial rental- and leasing law, procurement law, public construction law, law on contamination
Subject areas Construction and commercial real estate law, public commercial law
Sectors/ Industries Prof. Dr. Torsten Grothmann works primarily for the following Sectors/ Industries: Real Estate, Construction, Banks, Insurances, financial service provider, Media, Telecommunication, Technology
Teaching activity Seasoned lecturer at the TU Munich, chair of Construction process management and Real Estate-project development
Memberships German Society for Construction Law, Centre for Justice in German and International Building Ground and Foundation Engineering
Foreign languages English, Portuguese
Background Prof. Dr. Torsten Grothmann has studied Law following his apprenticeship as a bank clerk at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. After earning a doctorate in law, he began his career as a lawyer in a reputable law firm in Munich. There he initially specialized in Environmental Law and later in the fields of Construction Planning Law, Real Estate Law and contract wording. With his change to a law firm primarily specialized in Real Estate- and Construction Law in Munich in1999, he further expanded his specialization. In 2005, Prof. Dr. Torsten Grothmann together with his partners started the Munich office for Avocado Rechtsanwälte. He worked there as a partner until 2013. In 2014, Prof. Dr. Torsten Grothmann together with Ottmar Fuchs and Dr. Bernd Klemm-Costa established the law firm Grothmann Klemm Kullack Fuchs with offices in Munich, Frankfurt and Jena.