Robert Dreblow

 Salary Partner, Berlin


Robert Dreblow advices and supports predominantly companies, associations and private individuals from the business fields of Automotive, Trade and Renewable Energies. The focus of his work is civil- and company law issues as well as the designing, reviewing and negotiating (international) contracts. Robert Dreblow successfully completed the periods as a trainee lawyer in employment law. He therefore advices and supports national as well as international companies and organs in all legal matters of labour and staff. Moreover, Robert Dreblow is regularly available to the personnel departments of companies in implementing concepts regarding personnel law and execution of the Human-Resources-daily business. In legal disputes, he represents the clients all over Germany before the Civil- and Labour Courts.


Robert Dreblow has studied Law at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and the Bergen University in Norway. Following his studies, he worked with the German Federal Parliament and in an English commercial law firm in London. During his traineeship with the Superior Court of Justice, Robert Dreblow i.a. completed stations with the Berlin Senate Administration and with two expert firms in Berlin specializing in Media Law. Robert Dreblow has been admitted as a lawyer at the Berlin bar association since 2009. Prior to his local activity, Robert Dreblow worked until end of 2016 for the commercial law firm in Berlin Geiser & von Oppen Rechtsanwälte, where he was responsible for the Labour Law for many years.

Foreign languages English