Torsten Mahncke

Of Counsel


Representation of interests, contract design and Process control in Civil Law with focus on Copyright Law and Personal Law. The subject matter is enforcement or defence against claims because of the usage of Copyright Law-related protected works or on account of statements, reports and visual recordings by persons or companies in Media and social networks (Social Media).

Subject areas

Copyright Law, Personal Law, Industrial Property Rights, Civil Law.


Court decisions: debier-datenbank (database) and justiz-aktuell (current justice).


Training and study of Legal- and Political Studies in Seattle (USA), Hamburg and Aix-en-Provence (France). Internship in Berlin. Stations in the chamber for matters pertaining to Copyright at the regional court Berlin, the Berlin state bank as well as the international commercial law firm Beiten Burkhard Mittl and Wegener (present day Beiten Burkhard). Works with the Hamburg State bank as well as various Film productions. Independent lawyer in Berlin since 1996.

Foreign languages Business fluent in English