Planning permission

Whether it involves the new development of surfaces or addition of another storey, annexes or changes of use in existing context, each of these projects remains mere idea, if the (construction) approvals necessary for this are not (cannot be) granted.

We would be glad to provide you with our advice for queries as to which construction law provides the concrete project property or what steps are necessary, to obtain the desired building permit.

We accompany you every step in drawing up new development plans, advise you in matters pertaining to assumption of costs / consequences of planning (keyword SoBoN, LH Munich), desired by cities and communities, create and negotiate the appropriate urban contracts and advise on your approval procedures with the concerned authorities. You are in best hands with us even in matters pertaining to clearance area or aspects pertaining to the monument protection laws of your project.

Contact persons

Prof. Dr. Torsten Grothmann
Dr. Tanja Brunner