»Especially in times
of change, a vision is
needed that provides
Andrea Maria Kullack

»Independent minds
and active listeners
who know what they
are doing.«
Torsten Grothmann

»It is important for
us to have a clear
attitude: we stand
behind every mandate.«
Ottmar Fuchs

»Implement complex
projects with care
and the necessary
legal ‘beat’.«
Frank Geiser

»We are internationally
networked and look
outside the box.«
Bernd Klemm

We are

We are a full-service law boutique for companies, entrepreneurs and institutions with regional, national and international scope.


We act

We possess many years of experience in real estate law, corporate law and industrial property rights. We offer legally well founded, practice-oriented answers to all questions concerning the operative business.


We convince

Our lawyers convince through their professional competence, many years of professional experience and a corporate understanding of the economic framework of each mandate.