Public Procurement

You are the public contracting authority, sectoral contracting authority, franchisor or bound by the grant to publicly issue a public call to tender, then you must observe the legal and budgetary regulations on awarding public contracts.

The new legal regulations have been valid since 01.04.2016 for rendering and awarding of contracts of values achieving or exceeding the EU-threshold values and since January 2017 the sub-threshold award rules have been published, which has to be introduced in each case through the utilization decree of the countries and latest by end of 2017, will be applicable at least for the major part in the federal states.

Considering the amount of provisions and innovations, the launch of a public tender can quickly become a “Black Hole” and is associated with considerable liability- and damage compensation risks in case of procedural irregularity.

We shall support you in the conceptual design and execution of competitions or calling for tenders for architectural-, engineering- or project control services (earlier VOF) and also construction works, as in complex PPP-procedures or other procurement processes.

We check your publication text, together with you determine the participation- and award criteria in assessment matrices, answer the bidder queries and assess the request to participate as well as the offers (legally).

We also likewise help you in creating session-/decision documents for your decision makers (community-, municipality council, and committees etc.) and explain them.

We shall be available in advice and assistance even in case of bidder reproaches, review procedures or other legal procedures.

You can accordingly expect competent and extensive support from us in all areas of law on awarding public procurement to meet all your concerns.

Contact persons

Ottmar Fuchs
Andrea Maria Kullack
Frankfurt o. M.